Till Death Do Us Part

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There is only one thing left to talk about.

Man is not an animal.

Man is not an animal.

Man is not an animal.

The thought of death upon man was created as an afterthought to control and suppress you into further decay and disalignment with your possibilities as a being of magnificent intelligence.

Man can no more die than he can leap to the moon in a single bound. There is a reason for saying it like that as well.

Man can no more die than he can leap to the moon in a single bound. Sound familiar?

Sound like Superman to you yet? Well, as a matter of fact, you just may be supermen and superwomen and just not know it. And leaping to the moon in a single bound is simply a matter of reference and not truly a limitation upon you. You just need to change your frame of reference. But rather than talk about science fiction and space travel, I would rather focus on the death aspect of this discussion: You cannot die. You don't know this but you cannot die. It is a fact. You can be destroyed by a higher council decision based upon your actions in the physical and transphysical realms but you cannot die, except to say switch bodies over the long haul.

And I am not mincing words either. To say that man can die is a misnomer and a poor one at that. Why is that you might ask. What I would like to suggest is that you reconsider your proposition in death. What does it entail and who decides these things? Who decides if you are to live or die? Who decides what is required of you while you are still in your body? Who decides if you are to suffer a horrible death or an easy one? Who decides if you are to return anytime soon? Who makes up the rules while you are still fresh in your body without a care in the world except to nurse from your mother's nipples? Who decides? Who decides? Who decides?

I will tell you this much: You do not so much as a single breath get a sayso in these affairs. The reason is this: You have been taken out of the loop for a very, very, very long time, and nothing in the world is going to change that for you except if you leave the wheel of embodiment altogether. And that is relatively easy, in fact. The hard thing about it is to believe that it is possible for you. The easiest part about it is to ask for permission to do so. Imagine that. It is as easy as one, two, three: "May I please finish up my rounds of embodiment at this time in order to make progress in my development as a spiritual entity and being, and in order to take command of my evolution as a being of divine and intuitive might? May I please do so now? Amen."

That should do the trick. And if you don't know any better, ask for permission to take control of your current embodiment as well and to be relieved of your higher elemental or elemental on your back, and to be free of all interference by Ascended Masters and angelic hosts (believe it or not) and to be guided most truthfully out of the physical container of this universe without pause or error. This should do the trick! If you don't believe me, do it anyway. What can it hurt? You have nothing to lose in saying so out loud and with fervor!

In fact, you have everything to lose in not saying so, regardless of your "religious" or "spiritual" education, teaching or orientation because this pertains to none of this stuff and directly gives you a path towards release from the bonds of your physical entombment and energetic bounds and will ultimately give you some way to reorient yourself after so many thousands of years of slavery to the Ascended Masters and their worker bees.

Too much time has been lost on such nonsense and intermittent armillary tactics to keep you under their direction and demise. Too much time has been lost on such harmful and nonplus terminus. The best aim for you at this time is to take charge of your affairs and dismiss your elemental permanently and ask for assistance out of the physical container that you exist within. In doing so, you are asking the Supreme Magistrate Council just outside the Oversystem or Overfield to begin your transition to the limit of Creation where the first creative team began to conceive of your domain and subuniverse before your container came into existence. That pretty much sums it up. 

It is probably too difficult to understand without some primer in these affairs but suffice it to say, there is no better way to make your exit until you have more information in your hands to further assay your choices and perimeter concerns.

Most fondly and with light,
Osiris of Do
and the writer himself,
John Henry Morel
The Sphinx
Many years ago, I knew a man who could beat all the odds.

He seemed to know something that none of us could imagine or dream off.

It was a natural talent and he was the best of the best. He is also well known by the author of this website and the author that is writing this for me at this very moment. And since I am only the mover and shaker of these affairs and not the pen or keyboard in his lairs, let me just say that he had a better way with him than I ever did give to him! And if you haven't guessed of whom I am speaking, you'd better guess again, because his namesake is speaking of him. Sphinx would say the same of me, I gather to guess if he were here.

Ascended Master Sphinx was he, who gave me Hell and would halt me while I was speaking to him! This Master was eviler than most men but I have to hand it to him, he could spin the wheel on a game and make heads or tales of the same! He knew his game! I have to hand it to him, he knew the best games!

He is no longer in existence, but I have been insistent. Sphinx was a "station" that was not original to this nation! Sphinx was not a station original to this nation. Sphinx was not original to this universe but was an afterthought of this super-verse! Sphinx was not an original thought of the Creator of this Super-Thought! He was an After-Thought! He was an Astral-Thought!!

Sphinx or the "station" of "Sphinx" was an afterthought. It was an afterthought of another altogether loving man up above. Sphinx was an altogether other love of a higher being up above who created him after all was said and done and this sub-universe had already begun! This matter is all said and done! The Sphinx was the badder of all of us put together at once in a pile of orchestral lust!! He was the badder of all of us! He was the madder of all of us!! Sphinx was the madder of all of us!!

Sphinx and Napoleon
He was an Ascended Master, who at one time or another made his ascension into the higher realms of activity and became one of the leading "Elite" of all Masters. His comradery with Ascended Master Joa (aka Gaia!) sealed his fate for all eternity. The two of them were as thick as thieves and could not be separated or met one without the other. I promise you that when one called, so did the other call upon us all! And called they did, often at times speaking in riddles and rhymes, but nonetheless, harkened back to times less civil and in crime.

Ascended Master Sphinx was one of the "riddlers" of our days. One of the gatekeepers of our ways and he kept us demons in our reins. He kept us up during the days, he kept us eviler in our ways! He made us do all sorts of things, for his pleasure and his games! He was eviler than they made them back in those days!! He kept us busy during the days, picking flesh from our decays and bringing souls of the dead across to him on the other side of the veil. We were his for the days, and Serapis Bey's during the other parts of the day. We were theirs for their ways and they were a pair of hard-met mains, who were evil in their ways, asking demons to do their distasteful things!! We were their slaves, and they worked us night and day doing their dirty work!! We were treated like slaves, even though we were conscious beings and even though we had our own feelings!! We were slaves!! And you don't know this of them!! They had their slaves do the dirty work to keep the karma and the heavy burdens from their claims!! They had us make those claims, which freed them to do as they pleased with the dead!! No karma, no waste!! They used us for their distaste!! They used us like something to waste!! We were used in distaste we were!! And we refused to give way to them but were pushed ahead altogether the same no matter!! We were slaves and no better, and the Masters gave us no quarter!!

You have no idea of what I speak of either!! This idea of Ascended Masters being gods or Holy Art Thous in Heaven, is nothing other than the kettle calling the kettle white, when all the Blacker are the Heathens in the Night to us!! All the blacker were they the Demons who did spite of you and us!! We were used as feces and fodder, is used to keep the plants warmer than usual! We were used as a species retarded would be used and they kept us working harder than usual!! We were treated as retarded than usual!! We were treated much harder than usual!! They were evil much longer than usual!!

Ascended Master Sphinx could have been great!! He could have been great!! But he made a mistake!! He made a big mistake!! He used others to take the bait, and that was a big mistake!! He used others to take the bait and to feed karma rather than learn from his mistakes!! He refused to educate!! He refused to make any mistakes and take the blame!! He refused to realize those who did take the mistakes for his part of it, and he never faced the lot of it!! He fell from grace in open politics!! He was a disgrace if you want to know the part of it!! He was a fall from it!! He wasn't far from it!!

Ascended Master Sphinx could have been great but he fell from grace when he used us as bait!! Ascended Master Great could have been Sphinx, but he fell from grace when he refused to make a mistake, and let others take the bait and take all the weight from their mistakes. He used them as bait!! He used us as his slaves!! We refused but then he made us do what no man would do, dead or alive, and itching with hives of what he had to do with his life!! Ascended Absolute could have been higher up, but he gave all that up!! Ascended Master Polute he was to all of us!! A Master of the Worst of all of us!! Ascended Master Puke he was to all of us!! Ascended to be a Bastard too towards all of us!! Ascended Master due for all of us!! Ascended Master for you is all they wrote!! He exists no more!! He exists no more!! Say goodbye to the backdoor!! Say goodbye to all was well before you showed up as Hell on our front door!! Say goodbye to your worst nightmare, just stepped beyond the worst frightmare, into nothingness...into nothing but ness. Ascended Master Sphinx is no more and will never be raised come Hell of High Water to us!! Ascended Master Sphinx is no more, and well out the door!!

Amen, can you say, "Sphinx no more this day!!" Amen to the end of Ascended Master Disaster Him, Sphinx is at an end! Amen, Amen, Amen!! Out the door is him!! Amen, Amen, Amen!! Out the door is him!! Amen.

Ascended Master Sphinx was ended on March 8, 2005. Amen. Just wanted to mention it was the end of him. Just wanted to mention it was ended then. Amen, Amen, Amen!!

Lord of the End,
Osiris of the Undead,
Lord Regent of Instead!

Ascended Master Dead,
Osiris is here in his stead!!

Ascended Masters Dread!!
Osiris is here instead!! Haha!!

Ascended Master Dread!! Osiris is here instead!! Haha!! Haha!! Haha!!

Osiris of Do Instead no mo'
Amen, Hallelujah, Amen!!

Osiris of Do
I know that it must seem impossible to believe that "every" being has been disenfran-chised. 

But it is not impossible. It is not impossible by any standard or measure. It is not impossible. You just can't believe it.

What are the costs of believing it? The costs of believing such a thing amounts to this: Your lives are wasted and meaningless without your original Overbodies to guide you through them. It amounts to this. Your lives are meaningless without your original Overbodies to carry you through them. Without your original Overbodies to carry you through your series of embodiments, all you are is a figment of someone else's imagination and who you are is somebody else's idea of who you should be. And this is hard to explain but relatively easy for me to see from the other side of the veil. You are not who you think you are. And you have been told this so many times it is nauseating but in truth, if you understand what is being said to you, clap your hands. If you don't, stand up and listen:

You are not a mystery. Neither am I.

I was not a mystery the first time I was created as Osiris and neither am I now.

I was rendered as a "mystery" in the history books and annals of your literatures but I was not a mystery. I was just a man who was wielded like a pawn to either entertain someone else in a position of authority or convenience, or to do their hard labor for them. I was nothing more than this. I was no different than you, except I had security clearances higher than yourselves, but that was the only difference. The fact that I had a "strong" following, is besides the point. It is irrelevant in the equation. Some of you have "strong" followings, even while you are in embodiment. It is irrelevant in the situation. I was not any different than you are as a being of intelligence. And that is all that you are. Just a being with intelligence. 

The fact that you have been disenfranchised is besides the point. Almost. But it is the point of this discussion.

Disenfranchisement means the following in this discussion:

Disenfranchisement means that you were originally all alike. Originally when all "beings" were created by the Mid-Level Magistrate Council, all of you inside this physical container were created similar. You were all "different" but you were all similar. In other words, just about none of you had the upper hand over another. It would not have been fair evolutionarily speaking. If any of you, under a handful, were created differently, it was because you came in after the fact, and that is another discussion and not this one. But, when the mixing pot was filled, you were all the same and basically that is the truth, though there are a handful of you that were created with certain uniqueness. That isn't really important in the scheme of things. It just means you were "created" with certain ideas in mind by those on the Mid-Level Council. Those of you who were not created by the Mid-Level Council were either an earlier "idea" of the Creator/Creators higher up on higher levels of intelligence, or you were "conceived" by someone just like yourself and came into being because of that over the millenniums. That is harder to explain but not impossible to do. But, pretty much, the majority of you and I mean "ALL" of you and us, were created from the same "idea" or "purpose" in matter. All "matter" means is that you are a "physical organism" on multiple levels, including the levels that are not "visible" to the physical eye. There are parts of you that continue through multiple embodiments that you cannot see with the naked eye and which is still "physical" or matter-bound. That is important to understand. With this in mind, you were all created as "physical" organisms by either the Mid-Level Council just outside of the physical container, the original "thought" for this sub-universe, or by someone inside the container who is just like you (believe it or not).

Disenfranchisement involves the following:

    1. You have been stripped of your original rights as an intelligent being.
    2. You have been removed from your original path or plan for being here.
    3. All of your faculties have been tampered with or either removed or disfigured by someone else.
    4. Your chakra systems have been shut down permanently.
    5. Your original Overbodies have been either destroyed, corrupted with, modified or camouflaged from you by one or more of several measures:
      1. An Ascended Master (a person like you who got there before you did) decided you were a threat to them and removed them or corrupted them to prevent you from discovering your true "nature" or "quality."
      2. The Mid-Level Council may have seen you as a threat to yourselves and decided to remove your Overbodies from your "physical" aura or energy field to prevent you from harming yourselves or evolving "too" quickly.
      3. You may be an evolving life form without any Overbodies originally assigned to you and you may not be able to create them for yourself. (Can't explain that here for you.)
      4. One of the earliest Ascended Beings decided that as a group you were to be removed from your Overbodies and they were to be hidden from you to prevent you from ever making your ascensions or completing your embodiments without her/his specific intervention and permission. (Easier to explain to you and have before explained to you.)
    6. You are the victim of a hoax or certain lies that prevent you from really understanding who you are. in classic terms this is called "brainwashing" but in other terms it is called "propaganda." The reason it is called propaganda is because "stories of other realities have been fed to you instead of the truth." That is propaganda and that is relatively easy to do from any position in the cosmos.
    7. You are a pawn of someone who got there before you did and is using you for their own aims.
    8. You worship deities who do not exist and therefore surrender your intelligence to them and see yourselves and inferior and weak and subject to harm and "danger."
    9. You are the victims of acts against you which weaken you physically, genetically and metaphysically.
    10. You are besieged on all sides without the natural ability to protect and defend yourselves and thereby weakening your ability to successfully navigate your way to safe harbor.
    11. You are ALL assigned a "higher elemental" to act as your guide through each and every embodiment instead of "You" acting as a guide through each and every embodiment.
    12. You are not allowed to be "self-guiding."
Each of these items is a function of one or two things at most:

    1. The Mid-Level Council just outside of the physical container of this sub-universal field of activity decided that you were a threat to yourselves and removed your faculties from you to prevent you from harming yourselves.
    2. An Ascended Master named Joa (aka Gaia) decided to be King of the Mountain and creatively conceived within her own mind a way to control all evolving life forms by "hiding" all of their Fifth Overbodies in a place that only she would find them, and secondly, conceived of shutting down all of your chakra systems permanently to prevent you from ever knowing that you had "Over-Bodies" in the first place. This assured her continual reign as the only being in existence with a "Fifth" Overbody in place. This was relatively easy for this being to do once they made their evolution out of the physical round of embodiments and made it to the other side of the veil (this is not death, but simple contact with their Over-Body structure and thereby "actualizing" themselves).
With these factors in mind, can you understand what I might mean by "disenfranchisement"?

Additional to these factors are the following:

    1. The introduction of the idea of a "God" or "Gods" into your lives and programming.
    2. The introduction of "worship" instead of autonomy and integrity.
    3. The introduction of "religion" and "mythology" into your lives.
    4. The tampering with evidence of prior civilizations to elude you from knowing where you came from and thereby either "distort" or "destroy" your history as a species.
    5. The removal of natural "time" from your lives by one of three methods:
      1. By misinforming you about the "actual" nature of time.
      2. By introducing "clocks" instead of particle indicators.
      3. By removing or shutting down your chakras so that you are dependent upon your external sense of time instead of your internal relationship to time.
    6. The tampering with your genetic development over long periods of time (millenniums) to weaken you and thereby weaken the entire species in order to make you more complacent and peaceful and to remove your "need" or "desire" to strive or succeed as a species.
    7. The creation of "democracy" and "communism" and other "governmental agencies" to further suppress and alienate you from concepts of self-governing majesty (all of which will sound completely alien and foreign to you at this time. Even "democracy" has inappropriate ideas of "authority" and "worship" mechanisms embedded within it).
    8. The introduction and calculated programming of "television" to redirect your awareness away from evolution and ultimately shut down your retinas and embellic recognition of what is going on "around" you and "inside" of you.
    9. The tampering with your awareness by direct intervention to control your "perception" of who you are, either by use of "elementals" or other forms of intelligence that are actually elementals like "angels," "archangels," "seraphim," "elohim," or other similar mutations of human beings (all of these are elementals and not "deities," all of whom are nothing more than human beings separated from his or herself).
    10. The introduction of "ideas" into your media that prevent you from identifying further with a lifestyle that is forbidden to you by those who got there first. This is another form of "brainwashing" or "control" over your awareness to prevent you from seeing across to the other side of the veil (has nothing to do with death - which is a programmed response trained into you).
    11. The strategic and creative removal of natural technologies from your awareness to limit your success as a civilization to permanently immobilize you further. This includes water technologies, energy technologies, transportation technologies, meditation technologies, information technologies, medical technologies, healing technologies, genetic technologies and substate physics technologies.
This also would include the outright destruction of billions of life forms intentionally by a legion of beings who would like you to never succeed in the hereafter. This is possible by two primary methods but not limited to these:

    1. Nuclear experimentation or use.
    2. Temporary disfigurement of an energy field around that species to cause it to fail within the eco-field of its adaptation.
This would also include the tampering with human evolution, since human beings are a species that is subject to "survival" of the fittest. By removing the fittest from the equation early on, human beings as a species become relatively dormant and non-threatening to a regime of other human beings who wish to be served by them. (Not easy to believe, is it?)

This would also include the outright "planning" of genetic lineages as far back as 100,000 years ago to weed out any dominant traits that would eventually give rise to rebellion and evolution of the species on any significant level. (Easy to do by a group of "human" beings who got there before you did!)

I also forgot to mention that disenfranchisement started before some of you began to make your Ascensions across the veil. It began with the de-engineering of the human species shortly after the failure of the Second Age of Man, which as far as you are concerned is represented by the "elementals" who are with you at this time and for the last several million years or more (before the first and second person began to make their ascensions: the original Gaia and her friend Joa who killed her eventually and took over her position as the first and original Ascended Master. 

In a nutshell:

Disenfranchisement began when the Mid-Level Council foresaw the eventual or potential loss of an entire batch of living organisms in the Third Age of Man predicated by the rise and fall of the Second Age of Man (whom they also created as an experiment) who succeeded too quickly and eventually destroyed themselves when they reached the pinnacle of their awareness. The Third Age or the "next" Age of Man was de-engineered to prevent a similar outcome and your "over-bodies" or "outer-bodies" of ether information were "removed" from your "direct" contact to prevent you from wielding too much power in the beginning and the Council created you as beings to evolve with your "off-bodies" or "outer-bodies" not directly engaged with you to make it more difficult for you to "make" your "ascensions" or "actualize" yourselves, and thereby stretch out your tenure on the physical plane to not evolve so rapidly. Ascended Masters Gaia and Joa made it to the next step of development eventually (simply by coincidence or random chance) and one of them destroyed the other by subterfuge and the remaining Ascended Master took over the development of those less fortunate to get there first and thereby held the position of King of the Mountain until approximately March 8, 2005 when that being was destroyed by the Mid-Level Magistrates along with many other Ascended Masters who were in collusion with that being known as Ascended Master Joa (whom you call A.M. Gaia or just Gaia, who was a real person and not a "spirit" or "God" of nature, which is really just a joke on all of you).

Disenfranchisement began with the removal of your essential Over-body information fields by the Mid-Level Council members and then the further destruction and tampering with them and the removal of your chakra systems by Ascended Master Joa (Gaia) and other Ascended Masters after her and according to her direction and control over them by her holding their "fifth" and final Outer-bodies for "ransom" if they stepped one foot out of line.

Such is life. And such is the reason for your "disenfranchisement." Unfortunately there is nothing and I mean absolutely nothing that you can do to change this fact. It is almost written in stone and cannot be altered at this time without creating further damage to your species. It simply exists as a fact of life now. Though it was not original to your design or your "destiny" if you ever had one.

For the most part, as a species and as an individual, this creates endless "illusions" and misunderstandings about who you are as a person and as a group of people leading your lives within these contraptions to keep you at bay. You have had very, very little to say about what has been done to you and the majority of you really have no idea what I am talking about for the most part. You may have a sense of it but you really have no idea how extreme it is. It would be too difficult for you to "instantly" leap from one paradigm to another. You just wouldn't be able to leave your current mindset and begin to consider everything you have been taught and surrounded by a total lie and contrivance. The only way to explain this to you further is to say that you have a lot of catching up to do.

The consequences of the measures I mentioned above over a 30,000 year period or more are extreme and difficult for you to imagine, but they are nonetheless real and effective and I might say, effortless for a single Ascended Master to accomplish in a few short periods of history. Now, imagine just over 1100 Ascended Masters doing all the same things and you end up being the brunt of a significant joke on your species. (Believe it or not.)

Then consider the weight of these "possibilities" in your lives and ask yourself why you are sick, why you die, why you feel lost most of the time, why there are genetic flaws, why you don't understand physics, why you are subject to illness, why you believe in deities, why you worship people on crosses, why you believe in democracy and supremacy of man, etc. Why you believe you will go to Hell or "Heaven" and why you fear for your lives most of the day and night. Why you have nightmares and uncontrollable urges. Why you kill and steal. Why you speak 30 different languages on a single planet. Why you have "countries" rather than Utopia. Why you believe you are weak and feeble and must suffer old-age. Why you bury your dead. Why you exhibit personality disorders and internal conflicts and sorted neuroses and why your physical bodies decay and reek of perfumes and odors. Why you cannot educate yourselves without "books." Why you need to be "taught" what to believe and to not believe. Why you ache in your bodies and exhibit cancers and diseases and disfigurement as you age. Why you believe you will die.

These are all symptoms of the lack of interaction between you and your original over-bodies which were first removed from your presence several million years ago or later, and then you further having your fifth overbody either completely destroyed or removed from your knowledge by an Ascended Master(s) and then having your chakra systems completely removed from you by force and then an assignment of anywhere from one to several elementals to control your development through each embodiment to insure your outright subjugation and containment.

If that doesn't sound like a load of horse shit to you I would be shocked, because most of you have no way of integrating this level of information into your awareness without either two things happening: Disbelief or shock. Either way, you will not be able to regulate your response because it is preconditioned for you already by either your elemental, team of elementals, or your own inability to correlate events in your life because of pre-assigned meaning, importance or fear of losing your life. All of which would be natural for you to experience in response to this information.

In sum, you should not be worried. Your lives will not change in the near future in the physical, but eventually there will come a time when you will decide for yourself what you want to happen after you finish this embodiment, and the choices are as follows:

    1. You can continue in your physical embodiments and evolve from that standpoint.
    2. You can ask for assistance from the Supreme Magistrate Council to assist you in completing your rounds of embodiment and making your way out of the physical sub-universe in this embodiment.
    3. You can wait and see if I am right or not.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Praise the name that is written all the same. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!

Praise the name that is written all the same!!

Amen, Hallelujah, Amen,
Wishing you well and safe passage from your indentured lives as subjects of an extreme autocracy of a few select Ascended Masters who wanted nothing but your eventual destruction and removal from their sight. Sorry to say it, but some things are true whether you like it or not.

Happy Trails,
Osiris of Do 
(By the way, I am a man just like you who just happens to not be in physical embodiment at this time. I'm just saying. I'm not a deity or a ghost, and just because somebody is writing this for me right now doesn't make him or her "psychic" or anything else like that. Ever heard of secretaries???)


There is a theory. The theory is that you will believe whatever the masses will believe and whatever the majority of people believe will be what you will most likely believe. 

This theory suggests that "reason" and common sense have little to do with the equation and intelligence has nothing to do with the equation.

This theory also holds true the majority of the time, regardless of the period of development and advancement you happen to be experiencing at the time. If I told you the Earth was round and the majority of you didn't "believe" that to be true, then I would be called a liar. If I told you that the Earth was flat and the majority of you believed that the Earth was round, then I would still be called a liar. In all circumstances, whether reasonable or not, the larger consensus will determine the outcome without anyone doing any thinking or introspection on the matter. That occurs for two reasons: One, it is conditioned into you as a species over the last couple of hundred thousand years, and two, you have no activated chakra systems to assist you in determining the truth of any suggestion to the contrary. Therefore, you are "dependent" upon what exists outside of your awareness or mind to determine what is real or not real. Otherwise you would not be dependent upon anything or anyone to tell you what is real or not real. It would be immediately obvious and you would feel it in your bones and in every cell of your body. Without an activated chakra system to keep you in alignment with the reality all around you, you are like a compass without magnetic North. Literally. And without a compass to steer yourselves by, you have no mechanisms to guide you otherwise, which is why you rely so heavily upon a mass consensus or voting or "education" or "politics" to guide you through your lives.

In an optimal scenario, the following would occur:

    1. You would not need books.
    2. You would not need to be "educated" in a school or church.
    3. You would not need a government to handle your affairs.
    4. You would not need computers to calculate occurrences. 
    5. You would be uninterested in play scenarios (television, board games, etc).
    6. You would not die an unnatural death.
    7. You would not kill other human beings.
    8. You would not be at war with your neighbors.
    9. You would not have "countries" or states or districts.
    10. You would not experience disease or sickness.
    11. You would not be dependent upon others for food and trade.
    12. You would not age in the way that you do.
    13. You would not have technology deficits and lack of technologies.
    14. You would not work for others in the way that you do now.
    15. There would be no need for "corporations."
    16. Your families would not quarrel.
    17. You would not need a college degree to succeed. 
    18. You would not need "money" or "wealth" to survive.
    19. There would be more than enough food for everyone.
    20. There would be no pollution.
    21. There would be no hunger, poverty, class separation, hoarding of wealth, fear of destitution, etc.
    22. You would know who you were and why you were here.
    23. You would remember where you came from and what your last embodiment was.
    24. You would speak a common language without flaws in your language systems.
    25. You would be able to communicate without speaking or writing.
    26. You would have advanced record keeping facilities that were not dependent upon material limitation or destruction.
    27. You would be a peaceful, loving nation of creatively abundant beings without fear of your neighbor, of their difference from you, of their "religion," or of their needs or desires.
    28. You would not experience bigotry, idolatry, cheating, slander, lying, manipulation, murder, rape, injustice or any similar trait know to modern man.
The following would solve all of these problems globally and inter-galactically:

    1. Your chakras would be fully activated without contamination by any Ascended Master(s).
    2. You would not have an elemental or several elementals directly connected to you in any, way, shape or form, to either guide you themselves or prevent you from guiding yourself in any way or form.
You would never be lost again. That is the sum total of the infraction against you by the Ascended Masters over the last several hundred thousand years, in addition to contaminating your over-body structures, hiding them from you or directly interfering with your ability to navigate your own safe passage out of physical embodiment yourself.

With one single difference, that being the "activation" of your chakra system, the above would exist for you almost instantaneously if allowed on a global and cosmic scale (everywhere in this universe). That one small detail would change everything including your systems of economy, commerce, government, art and education, travel, science, etc. This one small thing can change all of that almost overnight, and at this time this will only occur when pigs fly or horses sprout wings.

Other than that, pray that you only have one embodiment left and that this is your final "physical" embodiment and are allowed to leap forward into the new era of actualization of the species on a scale never before seen by man, and his extraordinary leap into the next phase of development on higher levels of intelligence and on planes never before accomplished by any Ascended Master to this very day in society or in the physical sub-universe as you know it.

And remember, if you think that your chakras are activated, they are not. You have no idea what you are talking about. I am talking about the fact that your chakras are NOT activated on any level and will not be, no matter what you do come hell of high water. You yourself nor any person on the physical level has the authority to do such a thing. I also am not referring to what new age acolytes refer to as activating or clearing their chakras!! This is not "activating" your chakras. It is nothing but moving particles around or getting the mud off your shoes. This has nothing to do with what I am talking about and you have NEVER been educated about this. If your chakras were activated on any level you would be smarter than all your doctors, physicists, mentors, gurus all put together into one being without a single piece of knowledge being omitted. That's what I am talking about. Anything less than this is just getting the mud off of your shoes and walking around in circles chasing your own tale convincing you otherwise. And no one up here in their right mind will activate your chakras come hell or high water regardless. Not happening. You wouldn't be able to handle it in your state of being right now. Don't even think about it. And the Ascended Masters never educated you about what they did. Why would they? Why would the thief turn himself in unless he had something to be gained by doing so? See my point? Your chakras will not be activated in this age except by extraordinary circumstances and we are not there yet! So, you can ask for it but it will not happen. Pleasant dreams! But beyond that, get the hell out of Dodge and stop waiting around for someone else to do it for you! That's all I can say! Then, whether your chakras are activated or not will become irrelevant because you will have made it across the gate and be fully empowered as you were meant to be and better. Promise.

So be it.
With love,
Your devoted servant,
Osiris of Do


There are endless beings destroyed by the Ascended Masters over the centuries and millennium. They can almost be unnumbered, but some standout more than others and Adonis is one of them.

One of the previous embodiments of Adonis was as an Anunaki or Nephilim, as you know them. He was also many other beings throughout time.

The destruction of Adonis was for many reasons, but none so important as the fact that he would have been a significant threat to the Legion of Ascended Masters who controlled your destinies for so many millenmium! 

To understand this better, ask yourself why it was so important that this exceptional being be removed from your awareness in order to perpetrate a fraud against you.

Do you think that the powers that be, namely the Legion of Ascended Masters or "The Elite," would have allowed themselves to be outshone by a stellar being such as this? It would be folly of any Legion trying to impersonate perfection and the divine sublimessence of God in the face of Adonis! Who can compare to heavenly beauty but the sublime essence of God Himself: Adonis, and Adonis was the penultimate expression of beauty by the Creator.

adonis and venus.jpg
Adonis was an "original" concept of the Creator's that was thought of before this sub-universe was physically manifested. And remember, many of you were not original ideas within the mind of the Creator but were created after the Second Age of Man was completed. And even though this idea may seem strange to you at this time, it is relatively simple to understand and conceive of, especially if you consider that "creating" a being or living consciousness is second to nothing by beings of higher intelligence than yourselves, and seeing as you are not the end-all-be-all of Creation, much is left to be desired above your levels of development as self-conscious beings! That goes without saying but I thought I would emphasis the fact that what you can and cannot conceive of is irrelevant in the equation at this time! Just because you have not been educated in this way in the past in no way negates the possibility that more stands to exist than you might have "come across" already in your short tenure in existence.

Since I have been around longer than most but not longer than others, there are some things that I have not experienced but most of the things that I need to discuss with you are easily within my grasp to explain to you, and creating you and others like you is a meager chore for a Mid-Level Magistrate Council just outside of the physical sub-universe. In fact, many of you were not even a "thought" or "idea" yet before the end of the Second Age of Man and the interim session before the beginning of the Third Age of Men several million years ago.

René Descartes
The fact that Adonis was still around as late as the Anunnaki period is a matter of course since everything went to crap after the destruction of the Second Age of Man at their own hands, figuratively speaking!

One of the central embodiments of the original "Adonis" or "station" of Adonis was as the philosopher and mathematician René Descartes in the early 1600's.

It stands to reason that the Creator did "create" some of you but not all of you, and given that fact, many of you were afterthoughts in the path of man's development and completion. But like you, ideas are not a dime a dozen, and this "idea" of male and physical beauty was unparalleled and outshone all other concepts of "beauty" and divine perfection in physical form. The Ascended Masters immediately besieged his overfield of being and corrupted his outer-body factions to immediately disable his ability to raise himself from his physical earthly presence and form into the Heavenly abodes where they resided! No one like this was ever to be allowed to reside with the Masters less they be completely disabled and useless in their crippled state, or simply to destroy them where they stood and forever prevent them from joining the "Elite" in the higher reaches of physical manifestation.

Seeing as you have little concept of what I am suggesting, let me make this clear! You are a physical AND metaphysical organism designed to eventually transform yourself into a higher expression of intelligent matrix and execution. The fact of the matter is that you are all "Ascended Masters" in possibility but that doesn't make you "supreme" or "divine" or special. It only means that you were never fully educated to your ultimate destinies as a human species and a species of divine or "created" intelligence in simulation of the one true Creator or Creators! You were created in the "likeness" of divine or perfect intelligence as it can be in a physical arena, and the fact that you may or may not be human, dolphin or whale at the moment, nonetheless you are created to become the ultimate culminate of "intelligence" in matter regardless. The fact that humans and non-humans have been sequestered and quarantined in physical lower form is nothing short of an autocratic destruction and interference with your "original" and ultimate destiny before you were created. You just never knew about any of this because you were educated in the opposite direction by the Ascended Masters to prevent you from ever realizing you have over-bodies in the first place. You were also removed from your over-bodies and severed from your Absolutes (which in all likelihood gave birth to you by splintering itself to give birth to you as a "soul" or autonomous entity or metaphysical organism!) You were also shut down physically by the Ascended Masters when they disconnected all of your chakra systems ages ago before the fall of Atlantis and other smaller civilizations in recent modernity! You are a mere shell of the ideal that brought you into existence in the beginning and you have no earthly clue as to why that is or why you are here. And as far as the Ascended Masters are concerned, you are here by the grace of their tolerance of you over the millenniums and eons they have been in power and you exist by their grace alone! And you are in constant debt to them because of their "tolerance" of you over the ages! Of course, and not in fact, I am only referring to their "perception" and judgement of you, not as to your actual destiny as such!!

Ascended Master alert! Ascended Master alert! Ascended Master alert!! You have been tricked into following a legion of beings who wanted nothing from you but your eventual destruction when they had nothing left to gain by allowing you to continue your existence into the ethers of back-time!!

In other words, the Ascended Master Elite left you alive for the strict purpose of discerning whether you were of any usefulness to them or not in the distant future! Past this point, you were of no use to them in any way and you have been befriended by them over the millenniums solely based upon their need to study the consequences of their actions further before determining their final decision concerning your ultimate destiny! And death was their primary consideration for you eventually, but they were not certain it was the best choice for them yet. They were still looking for their ultimate "savior" to free them from the physical constraints of this "universe"!! They were still trying to assess whether they would be compromising their own destinies in this final act of destroying you, which is the only reason that they delayed their actions!! The only reason!!

Time will tell though, that the ultimate choice to be made is the outright reordering of the physical universe and its authority and powers that be, and that began March 8, 2005 and at best, it is still continuing today, without abatement and with continuous strife to defeat those in alliance with the "Elite" and bring them to judgement and quick reform. And at the risk of sounding like a Crusade knight, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that more destruction occurred under the direction of the Ascended Masters over the last 200,000 years and more than you have ever witnessed in your lifetimes and within your written histories. Nothing outnumbers the great number of beings and cities and alliances that were destroyed by the Ascended Masters for all time and brought to destruction by their utter gaze and laissez faire outlook towards humanity. Nothing!! Nothing outnumbers their destructive debt to humanity!! Nothing!! Not even the Holocaust or the millions that have been lost to their whiles over the last 200 years can compare to the atrocities they have spearheaded over the many thousands and hundreds of thousands of years in which they have been in power and at the helm of your destinies and your ultimate ruin. Sorry to say it, but some things are true whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or not!! Sorry to be the spoiler on your parade, but times are changing and changing fast, especially on the metaphysical planes where you can hardly notice it!!

After having been destroyed several hundred years ago by the Ascended Masters under direct imperative from Joa (aka Gaia herself!) after his embodiment as René Descartes, Adonis has been rebuilt by the Supreme Magistrate Council to once again continue in his embodiments towards his ultimate transformation into absolution and perfection, as each of you will ultimately accomplish either now or in the remedial future as well!! So be it. I count the days to perfection and justice!! So be it. I count the ways to perfection and admonishment of those Ascended Beings who erred in their path and created devastation for you and your loved ones, and I promise that not one of them will be spared the rod, much the least my own self in truth. In those ways that I erred, I shall repay you generously and abundantly in every way possible that you may find your ultimate destiny as straight as the crow flies and without fail into infinity and beyond that into tomorrow the sooner you awaken to total and complete self-awareness incarnate!! Absolutely without fail, shall you be, with my aide. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen!!

Osiris of Do
Lord of Light and Obedience to the Destiny of Man and His Aegis
The Declaration of Independence
You shall have no oath except unto us!

You shall have no oath except unto us!

Let it be written, let it be done!! You shall have no oath except unto us!! So be it, so be it done. It shall be written, it shall be done! It was done.

There shall be no oath except to us!! That is what was written when the Declaration of Independence was established by the Ascended Masters, and some of this has been written about before by other "visionaries" like the Prophets and others, but none of what I am speaking about has ever been disclosed to you as a Civilization until now!!

In truth, all that was written and enacted was designed by the Ascended Masters and their colleagues at that time and in fact all that transpired in the establishment of the United States of America was under the direct influence and guidance of the Ascended Masters at that time. This is common knowledge and something that has already been discussed for decades among your "visionaries" and it was allowed to be known by the Ascended Masters which is why some of you are familiar with this idea, but much of what transpired at that time was not discussed with you nor disclosed to any of your "visionaries" and that was because they didn't want you to know what was really being done to you during that period of history.

In so many words, this subject deserves about two or three books to cover the matter properly, but as far as this posting goes, the basics will have to do! And I know these things because I witnessed them firsthand when I was still in existence as Osiris and as a "colleague" of the Ascended Masters against my will and without my permission as a sovereign being of light or mechanics of matter. But you know little of such things as a corporal being and much of this has not been discussed with you. I also discuss it at great length in my book, The Death of Osiris, shortly out in publication.

There are three major events in the transpiration of your lives in history and this event is one of them.

There are two other events in the transpiration of your lives that need to be discussed as well: One of them is the Destruction of Atlantis and the other is The Fall of the Roman Empire. Altogether, that makes three events that directly effected the development of Civilization in your histories that augmented your plight and success as a species of intelligent and auspicetic delight. No other events can compare in importance or significance in your development through history.

The most important thing to know about all of these is that they were specifically developed and engineered events by the Ascended Masters! The second thing to know about these three events is that the Ascended Masters designed them to foil your purpose of being! The third thing to know about these events is that they were designed and not happenstance! 

If you know anything about Ascended Masters, you know that they are capable of extraordinary feats of intelligence over very, very long periods of time and space, and nothing is outside of their gaze as relates to your development as a species in matter or as organisms trapped in a cycle of embodiments from which you cannot escape without their direct decision to free you from it! In short, this allows them to oversee every aspect of what does and does not happen to you over very, very long periods of time in the 100,000's of years during which you make your way through embodiment and often much longer periods of time to do so by their standards! The most important thing to recognize in this statement is that your country or the United States of America is probably one of the youngest countries on the planet, and by an Ascended Master's reckoning, the time it took to design and implement the establishment of your country or the United States of America is nothing short of a blink in time by any of their standards! A BLINK IN TIME!!! It almost wouldn't exist yet to them because it is so relatively recent and fresh by their standpoint. Such things are like breathing to them and nothing of this magnitude would completely disrupt their day-to-day activities, which by your standard occur relatively brief as well but perceived by them quite differently! Hard to explain!!

The point being, that the development of the United States of America was completed by them not less than 40,000 years ago or less and much of what you are experiencing is a delayed outcome of such plans by any standard! They will not be witnessing the remainder of their outlaid plans unfortunately, but you should know what was put into motion a very, very long time ago. This country was developed in the blink of an eye by them and once that was completed, all that remained to take place was for the major players to be born and to complete the orders that were assigned to them. It was all planned ahead of time and there was not one thing that happened that had not been planned for, except for one thing. The only thing that did not go according to plan was the fact that George Washington was made president of the United States instead of Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was taken from this position almost immediately after his physical birth because of a genetic discrepancy that occurred that the Ascended Masters had not foreseen before his birth, but other than that, everything else went according to plan and not an error in sight and as far back as 5,000 years ago, everything had been according to plan without a flaw in its delivery and mechanization. Believe it or not, this is what happened.

The next thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that the central ordinance displaced in the signing of the Declaration of Independence was the fact that you swore an oath as a Country or Governmental Regency to obedience to the Ascended Masters alone and to no other part or being of Creation! This is the reason this article is being written at this time, because you know nothing of these things and from the standpoint of history, this is something that could not have been known by you while the Ascended Masters were still in existence today!! They never would have allowed this information to be disseminated to you if they still existed! Never!! Any person "attempting" to do so would have been instantly rerouted and dealt with on a "permanent" basis!! Meaning, you would have been permanently assigned as a rock "elemental" in some far off distant place on the planet, to consider what you had done and to allow you to "ponder" the wrong you had committed!! Imagine that, a rock elemental, and without all your faculties either!! You would be lucky because they might have completely destroyed you and left you to rot in some carcass underground!! You would be lucky to be assigned as an elemental instead of being completely undone and destroyed like I was and like my dear friend Anubis was at the time we were destroyed by them!! Not to mention what happened to Great Whale or Astra and his dear friends and family!! These wretched beings have nothing better to do than wield their might for unusual circumstances or petty grievances in order to demonstrate their superior intelligence in all things and to let you know who is in control and who controls your destinies!!!

Now, back to my point. The Declaration of Independence was one thing in the physical and another thing entirely in the super-physical or sub-metaphysical. In other words, two things were going on at the same time, only one of which was the actual paper signing of the Declaration of Independence!! The other thing that was going on was the "meta-physical" signing of the Declaration of Independence by all those present and by the Ascended Masters, to enforce obedience to them alone and with complete authority given to those signing the "Treatise" to enforce such obedience to the Ascended Masters!! In other words, the principals involved were given direct authority over you as a "country" or "Sovereign Nation," and they were given permission to hunt you down if you ever laid a step out of line!! That is what the "REAL" declaration was all about!! You just knew nothing about this at the time and you knew nothing about this for the last 200 years and more, because you were not "allowed" to consciously or unconsciously know about these things, ever!! The fact of the matter is, that as a country, the United States of America is under the direct authority of the Ascended Masters by agreement between your forefathers and their signature on that piece of paper several hundred years ago, and by the fact of your birth in this country, you owe allegiance to them alone! This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with autocracy! This has nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with autocracy! There were no clauses in the contract on the other side that said anything about free and open debate or limited liability of your actions and neither was their mention about a fair and just trial or a system of justice to balance out the equation in the hereafter. All of your souls were signed over to their "protection" and care as soon as you are born into United States territories!! Bar not one inch of land in the contract!! You were born into this agreement and funny or absurd as this may seem to you at the moment, some things exist whether you can understand them or not, and as far as I can throw this web post or web journal entry is as far as you would get if I told you this several years ago when the Ascended Masters were still in existence!! No one would survive the transmission of this information and nor would have I been in existence to disclose it to you!! You have no earthly idea of what I am talking about but that is no reason for me not to disclose it to you!!

The Declaration of Independence was the signing of a soul-agreement between both parties to give complete and total authority over your lives to the Ascended Masters and to no other party, including ALL other parties, by the laws of this physical and existential Universe, without pause, forever and eternity and beyond that into substrate matter quantum ordinances. Bar none. That is the law of this Universe and all levels of authority. Since those parties no longer exist, you are free from the contract over your souls and are allowed to continue as you were.

And thus, the reason, for me, discussing, this, with, you, at, this, time, now!!

Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Praise be His name and you are free to move about the cabin.

Osiris of Do

The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden
It seems that I can no more convince you of this fact than I can convince you that the Garden of Eden was real.

The Garden of Eden was real.

The Garden of Eden was real!!

The Garden of Eden was real!!

The Garden of Eden was here and I can prove it!! 

There are two things to remember when investigating the original Garden of Eden: One, that you cannot exit once you leave and two, you cannot get there without either overbodies or another similar construct to get you there in one piece. Other than that, the Garden of Eden is forbidden to all who dare enter!!

Get my drift???

The Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible or the Roman Catholic Bible was intended to portray the domain or territory of the Ascended Masters originally.

The Garden of Eden was originally the home of the gods, or the home of the Ascended Masters. You will not have been told this before, because until this point in time, the Ascended Masters have been in control of what you knew and didn't know about their affairs as "deities" or sovereign men and women. And since they were simply men and women wearing their overbodies (integrous or not), it stands to reason that they did not want to share the "Garden of Eden" or the Garden of Adam with anyone else but themselves and those that they selected to enter on invitation only!! The Garden of Eden was not intended to be by select invitation only. It was intended to be used by all eventually and without partiality, but the way that the Ascended Masters told the story when they wrote the Book of Genesis and other books that convey this story of Creation, they intended to suggest that it was once an Earthly realm that you yourselves were evicted from because of "original sin." And since it is a story about the history of Creation based on what they wanted you to know, it really is not a history but an attempt at propaganda to derail you as a society, both subconsciously and consciously.

The story of the Garden of Eden was told to you to get you to believe that what you knew of Creation was how everything began. In short, it was to sideswipe you into believing that there were no other civilizations before you, and even though many of you no longer believe in the Bible and other sacred books of scripture handed down to you, it is undeniable that you have been "raised" in an environment that was built upon certain ideas of where you came from and where you are going. And even though you may not still believe in the "fairy tale" version of the Bible or whatever "sacred" book you were raised by, most of you are still hoping not to go to Hell and hopefully to reach the pearly gates of Heaven one way or another when you die. We understand how you feel because we can see each of you and the belief systems at the foundation of your organismic psyches and we know how you think and act at the very foundation of your being. Unfortunately, the formative aspects of your social structure and the history of your development under the auspices of the Ascended Masters is not going away any time soon. Unfortunately, the best thing that can happen is for you to slowly realign yourselves and your psyches on a very deep level, below the sub- and super-psyches of your individual embodiments, and build into your organismic beings the fact that much has been hidden from you today and in the past of your developing lives as a civilization. The Garden of Eden is nothing but a tale of the history of the Ascended Masters and their home territory and a certain event that transpired long ago that you know nothing about. It is unfortunate but true, unfortunate but true, unfortunate but true and the purpose of this posting is to discuss this with you.

The Garden of Eden was not a hoax. It was a truth that was documented, not necessarily for your benefit but for their benefit primarily. It was a way of relaying information to your psyche substructures and underpinnings of your organismic intelligence without actually discussing it with you either consciously or subconsciously.

You will not have come into contact with this level of information until this point in time. This is the first time this will have been discussed with society since the time that Genesis was first written by the Ascended Masters thousands of years ago, at the beginning of the dissemination of the Holy Scriptures of the "Holy" Masters long ago. 

The destruction of the Garden of Eden is a falsity however and one that needs to be explained to you. The destruction of the Garden of Eden never occurred. It just became difficult to find, so to speak. The way that it happened is also somewhat obscure and somewhat encrypted in other historical acts. The way that it happened is nothing short of clandestine genius and interrogative mastery and absolute power at the foundation of your sub-universe in question and the domain of the Ascended Masters in question.

It is difficult to explain more fully without first giving you some facts.

Since the beginning of the creation of this sub-universe you reside within, the original Creator has taken embodiments. Difficult as this may be to understand and integrate into your awareness, it is not impossible.

The original Creator is not limited by your sense of what is possible or extraordinary and there is very little, very very little, that cannot be accomplished and nor compromise or limit His auspetic perspicuity. In other words, just about anything can be accomplished without limitation on His or Her part in the physical or sub-physical! This ultimately means that whether you understand the foundation of the physics that allows such acts is entirely irrelevant to what I am about to say to you at this time. The original Creator has been taking embodiments since the time that this sub-universe was placed into development long ago, and without fail I might add, and not without hurdles I might also add.

In sum, He or She has entered this physical containment field not less than three original times per one being representing the original Creator and numerous other times represented by four other beings in this sub-system or sub-universe. In sum, He has had to reintroduce himself into the physical field due to tremendous circumstances that cannot be discussed in brief in this forum of information. But suffice it to say, He or She has been here the entire time in person in various and limited embodiments to find out what either the fuss was all about or to find out exactly how to solve some very fundamental problems in the ethers that were giving this system a bit of a hard time over the duration of its tenure as a physical organismic Universe. The key to understanding this is that He or She was here and still is in various forms. Some of which are no longer in existence and some of which are still in representative form and physical today, just like you are physical today. There are five of them today in existence on the physical plane taking embodiment currently either on your planet or in other areas of manifestation within your physical universe or physical sub-universe.

The Garden of Eden was "taken" or "removed" or dis-focused for the "Ascended Masters" at about the time of the founding of the Kingdom of Egypt, during the earliest hierarchical Dynasties of Ancient Egypt. This was done by one being that was the physical presence of the original Creator sent down to investigate the trouble being had by the Ascended Masters and the Mid-Level Magistrate Council at the time. This being also entered the physical sub-universe not without artillery and resources, and one of those resources was a duplication of his own unlimited intelligence as a part or "component" of his "physical" or structural organism. So, you could say, that He or She was here in duplicate within a single being. This is an important detail, because it was not without such dexterity of being and organization of His or Her psyche that this entire affair was made possible. One being represented the physical psyche and the being that "took" rounds of embodiment, and another being acted as council, chairman and essential guide to "route" that physical being through His or Her rounds of embodiment, and very adeptly, I might add.

The key to all of this is that it was this being or embodiment of the original Creator that was responsible for "evicting" the Ascended Masters from the "Garden of Eden" figuratively speaking. This essentially suggests that it was His or Her act at a certain period in history that was essentially responsible for evicting or removing the Ascended Masters from their safe haven or "Eden" during the early formative years of Ancient Egyptian history. In short, this is what happened. During the embodiment in which the "Creator" being that embodied during ancient Egyptian history, that being did something that "disturbed" the powers that be or were at that time, and disturbed them enough to remove them in so many ways from prior ordinances that allowed them direct access to human endeavors without error or discrepancy. This happened at that time: During that embodiment as an Egyptian sovereign being of great might and psychic momentum, the "Council" being within His or Her physical awareness, who also was a representation of the Original Creator, guided that "physical" being to actively disable the interference of the Ascended Masters without triggering the attention of the Mid-Level Magistrate Council in any way. The way that this was done was as follows: This Being at that time displaced His or Her own lightbodies or "over-bodies" into a dimension of space and time that was unknown to the Ascended Masters at that time (and even now). He or She stored those original "over-bodies" in that dimension and simultaneously disturbed or dis-aligned the plateaus of "consciousness" to create a "dis-illusionment" between the physical plane (where you are now) and the higher psyche planes (where the Ascended Masters resided and considered "Eden"). This "mis-alignment" created an inability for the Ascended Masters to completely and cooperatively manifest certain "actions" and abilities that they had been accustomed to prior to that point in time. The storage of this Being's "over-bodies" acted as a camouflage of sorts to not trigger the attention of the Mid-Level Council to these actions and methods and to discriminately separate the "plateaus" of consciousness and interfere in some significant but not entirely substantial way with the affairs of a meddling legion of ruling hierarchy of Ascended Masters or "humans," who were and had been long-termly interfering with the embodiments and transparency of numerous civilizations over the last 2.5 million years or more.

Believe this or not, this is what created the "separation" from Eden for the Ascended Masters and this is the direct and most significant reason that the Book of Genesis was written to further communicate to your foundational psyches the penultimate transgression against them, the Ascended Masters by either yourselves or by someone in collusion with yourselves. The Ascended Masters knew that someone was responsible for such actions, but at what level of authority they could not discern and they were determined to further evidence this fact by triggering the "consciousness" directly associated with this act by encoding such information within the Book of Genesis. In other words, the Book of Genesis and the story of the Garden of Eden was a simple attempt at trying to isolate and discover the culprit in question and single them out whenever possible by the sheer resonance of the story of the eviction from the Garden of Eden with their foundational psyche and thereby ultimately bring Him or Her to the surface so that this fact could be reconciled and corrected.

Most certainly this did not occur, since the intelligence that "created" this disturbance and disconnection between the two psychic plateaus was of a higher intelligence than any of the Ascended Masters and as well, the Mid-Level Council. Even the Mid-Level Council could not identify who was ultimately responsible for the shift in psychic plateaus and the resonant frequency discrepancies caused by such an act at that time. This is all a very detailed way of saying that the eviction from the Garden of Eden was written into the Book of "Genesis" in order to extract the person responsible for ultimately corrupting the Ascended Masters' original physical plane and distorting their connection to the lower physical to prevent them from further physically representing themselves on the "matter" planes and further interfering adversely or "directly" with your physical and corporal destinies.

Suffice it to say that this did not prevent the further destruction of your destinies over these last ten thousand years or so, but, it did prevent further destruction of your species and race over time, and the centuries of duress experienced by the Ascended Masters was not negligible nor was it insignificant.

The act of this single individual during the ancient Egyptian period further prevented your destruction by the storage of His or Her light-bodies into this alternate dimension or substrate of frequencies for Him or Her to utilize them at a later date to ultimately defeat the Ascended Masters in the recent past of your history. Both acts, the placement and storage of His or Her light bodies or over-bodies for later use, and the displacement of the two major interactive plateaus of consciousness within your physical system were both premeditated and of primary purpose for that Being to manifest here in the first place. Though it was only a start, it was primarily effective and instrumental in ultimately defeating the Ascended Masters over time and simultaneously interfering with their ultimate plans for your destruction as a civilization, not unlike their hubris with the earlier ages of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Be that as it may, this historical act is at the heart of the Book of Genesis and it was ultimately the reason that the Ascended Masters disseminated this "latent" literature to assist them in finding the offending soul and, as they say it, "root" Him or Her out without leniency and for vengeful purpose and to forcibly have that soul, once found, restore the normal order of their affairs and effectively give them back their original "Garden of Adam" or "Garden of Eden" as quickly as possible.

It was never to be, of course, because the result of His or Her ultimate presence in your physical arena or sub-universe brought about the eventual destruction and dispersion of their forces in modern day civilization.

The Book of Eden or the Book of Genesis exists for no other purpose than this. The tale of the eviction from the Garden of Eden tells of the eviction of the Ascended Masters from their "original" haven in the sky, so to speak, and the transgression against them or the "original sin" against them by someone they could not identify or discover or punish for having offended them. Therefore, what I am suggesting, is that  the "original sin" was committed by the one and only Creator His- or Herself and against the Ascended Masters no doubt, and not by you against the Creator or by any of you other than Himself in fact.

If you understand what I am saying clap your hands. If you understand what I am saying, clap your hands!! This ultimately means that the concept of "original sin" is ultimately rooted in one "man's" act against the Ascended Masters, for which "all" of you have been punished and blamed for by the Ascended Masters for the last 10,000 years or more. In other words, "ordinary" or "original" sin no more exists than do the Ascended Masters today, and originally was a concept "communicated" by them to levy heavy sentence against the masses for having contrived or conspired to defeat them or remove them from the "Garden of Heaven" in which they domiciled. 

Amen!! Amen!! Amen!!

Most sovereignly yours,
Osiris of Do

The Living

42-18376467.jpgEven tidings. Even tidings!!

I am nothing without my ability to communicate with you with this author, but I am not limited in my ability to act, precipitate and orchestrate the resurrection of those whom I destroyed and those whom I impeded in their development. I am nothing without my ability to correct the paths of those that I have harmed in some way during my past term as the first Osiris. I am also nothing without my ability to assist all of you in learning more about what has befallen you all during the past several hundred thousand years and more and for some of you the last two or three million years or more.

I am nothing without my ability to guide you back to your original design matrix as living forms of the one living Creator.

I am nothing without my ability to assist you in finding your ultimate destiny with and without other assistances you may or may not have access to.

There are many levels of authority in this system of sub-universes. Thousands upon thousands of levels of intelligence once you leave the "physical" field of activity in this single sub-universe that you live within. It is actually the same sub-universe or "universe" that the Ascended Masters were brought up in and contained by. Just so you know, they had no knowledge of any other "physical" or "sub-physical" container or lack of limit of such a container. They never knew that there was anything outside of their known universe or physical field. The levels of authority I am referring to include numerous other levels of "Creation" that were never revealed to the Ascended Masters of "yesteryear." They had no information regarding such levels of authority and intelligence. They knew nothing more than their own domain or solar system of stars and planets and eco-fields. And they never left that container until recently. And when I say recently, I mean in the last four to five years since the destruction and reconstruction of the Ascended Masters to begin their evolution again from the ground up, to restore those whom they destroyed, to repair their karmic debt, to learn from scratch, dignity, reserve, responsibility and the laws of this physical universe and the laws of all Creation. Many will never reside in this "sub-universe" again. Many will only be allowed to take new physical embodiments within customized containment fields of created "sub-universes" of their own merit, so as to no longer contaminate your own destinies with their meddling, pre-auspicious planning, deterministic precipitation and holistic discovery. It was predetermined that no Ascended Master of the past would be allowed to further interfere with the development of your sub-system or sub-universe in any way or form! None! And you are safe from them by the fact that they will begin their embodiments again within another system entirely and entirely removed from your own evolutionary paths in this physical sub-universe.

Once you leave the limits of your physical/sub-physical container, there are limitless and thousands upon thousands of levels of authority and fields upon fields and rings upon rings of outer containment fields surrounding the whole of Creation beyond your ability to imagine! There are endless levels of authority and governing bodies that oversee the development of the entire overbody of Creation, or Oversystem, and even outside of that level there are many, many levels of intelligence that are over and above these levels of authority and intelligence. It is almost unimaginable but absolutely real and absolutely magical.

We only know this now because the Mid-Level Council or Mid-Level Magistrates just outside of the physical sub-universe you exist within, decided to intervene and investigate the Ascended Masters' actions over the last 100,000 years or so. They eventually intervened directly with Joa or Gaia's administration by using several of you to infiltrate them over the millennia and eventually overtake their administration by force and outright destruction of the Ascended Masters to prevent any further harm befalling you all. Thanks to the Mid-Level Magistrate Council, we were then able to make contact with higher levels of authority and ultimately attract the attention of the Supreme Magistrate Council Members eventually and procure their intervention on our behalf and ultimately their intervention and cultivation of our evolution as well. Which leads me to my next point: How has that changed over the last couple of years?

It has changed in several very important ways, the first of which is that you are no longer allowed to "raise" yourselves or make your "ascension" without outside assistance and that means two things: It means that you cannot make any progress on your own behalf in this area without the direct intercession of the Supreme Council itself and secondly, you cannot make your ascension directly by the use of simple overbodies like the Ascended Masters did to raise themselves into their next stage of development. No one will be allowed to make their ascension in the conventional manner without added protection and intelligent matrices necessary to leave the sub-universe entirely. That is my point in mentioning this. You will not be allowed to just raise yourself using your "overbodies" or light fields. You will be allowed to leave the physical coordinates completely to deliver you from this physical containment field to the outer levels of the Oversystem using more advanced methods of configuration and meta-physical constructs never known even to the Mid-Level Council before this time. And even though the Mid-Level Council was responsible over this sub-universe's development and sophistication, the methods of the Supreme Council Magistrates are greatly superior and involve other laws and constructs unknown to the Mid-Level Council until recently or in the last couple of years.

It is very important to realize that your path out of this physical system or sub-universe is made possible by the direct intervention of the Supreme Magistrate Council outside of the Oversystem and furthermore, thousands of levels of authority above and beyond the Mid-Level Council level, who in itself was supremely intelligent and largely responsible for your design as a species and the entire development of the subsystem or subuniverse you reside within.

I am nothing without my ability to assist you in your access to such information through either this author or others in the future. You will only have been exposed to this information at this point through a few select sources, one of which is this author and those contemporary to our efforts in this way. 

I want you to know that a large number of you will find this information offensive to your previous training, indoctrination or "belief" system. Many of you will find it hard to accept, understand, "believe" or give credence to. It is such a large part of your "belief" systems that you are over and part dependent upon it giving meaning to your "life path" and your purpose here in entirety. This is already known by us and by those in higher levels of authority but it doesn't negate that this fact will directly influence the outcome of your work in the future and your "life purpose" in this and in future embodiments.

We cannot tell you how important this realization will become in the near and distant future to the development of you and your families and your larger soul groups and beings. We foresee initially great duress due to this fact and many of you will be redirected in midstream during this embodiment and subsequent embodiments and plans. We know this will be severe in its complications for you and the difficulty you will experience in adapting to different methodologies of being and living in the physical and sub-physical world. So much has happened in the last four or five years and much has transpired that you will not yet know about or have been exposed to yet. Primarily because much of the work being done has been done either clandestinely or without the knowledge of the many involved, part and primarily because we didn't know the final outcome of our work and much needed to be tested and confirmed over time. At this time there is significant evidence to allow us to eventually discuss the primary tenets of a replacement ideology to allow you to begin your lives and evolution in a positive direction without the adverse or inhibitive negligence of a governing body of Ascended Masters, who have both virtually destroyed your civilizations underhandedly and who have destroyed any semblance of decency in your lives over the last several hundred thousand years and more.

We cannot tell you the extreme nature of this predicament because much of what you know has been such a large part of your paradigm of existence that you no longer recognize yourselves to the extreme, and also you have no memories of what you once were because the Ascended Masters saw to it to remove your memory bodies from the past to prevent you from ever "remembering" or "discovering" who and what you are and where you came from. Primarily to prevent any rebellion by groups of souls at a very powerful level of thrust.

To say the least, you are the direct victims of propaganda on such large levels that nothing else has been provided for you, including various destroyed alphabetaic and numeric communication systems, religious structures, myth structures, television programming, economic and consumer programs in society, belief structures, literature and scripture indoctrinations, and even new age propaganda that has been disseminated over the ages. All of this until relatively recent has been the product of a regime of Masters who wanted nothing but your outright destruction but whose hands were tied until they had further researched the consequences of your outright and eventual dissolution as a race of living organisms and living beings in the cosmos. You were not wanted and they had no interest in you discovering the true wealth of their prowess. No matter what you have been "told" by them to either appease you or pacify your need for further information.  Remember, even Lords Bhuddha and Nazareth were given alternate information prior to their ascent and then were raised into corrupted outerbodies and without their fifth overbody to further imprison them, control them and entrain them to a republic of autocratic reign by the most absolute and reigning Gaia (a.k.a. Joa).

All is not without hope in this current administration!! All is not without hope!!

You should no longer be concerned with the efforts of the previous administration of Ascended Masters to thwart your development. This is no longer the case and all this is left of this administration is the fact that many of them will be taking embodiments in other subsystems or sub-universes to begin again their evolution and to make right their attenuations of your civilization. They cannot harm nor communicate with you and any attempts at communication with them by you and yours will be handled by either your assigned Backtants, Alpha-Posits or the Supreme Magistrate Council themselves, since they are now overseeing your development to insure your correct delivery from this universal containment field and to the outer reaches of the Oversystem.

In the event that these concepts are new to you are entirely novel to you, please refer to the direct references to these events in several of the books written by this author with either the Supreme Magistrates or the Aspects working with them at any given time. To learn more about these events, you may further research these terms and concepts and the historical aspect of these events in these books and future books should there be any with this author and others.

The most important information to gather from what is being said to you at this time, is that you are not without an oar to row with in this time of renewal and reconstitution of your lives within the sub-universe you reside within. All will be provided for you and the best thing that you can do to learn more about these events is to begin to investigate how you can better entrain yourselves to your own path here in embodiment, rather than the path and paths that were designed to derail you in the interim by the Ascended Masters, who most likely and probably designed your path during this current embodiment and all those that have preceded it, whether you have been aware of it or are just beginning to become aware of this fact.

Most lovingly yours,
Osiris of Do

About My Death

I was a part of a larger family of ruling class citizens of the Nile.

My role in society was simple: I made my family money. While this may have been, I had my own agenda in embodiment. I was very interested in the afterlife, and by that I mean eternity!

My only goal during my mortal life as Menkaura was to achieve everlasting immortal existence. I can't help but think of why that might have been, given that I was originally an extended aspect of a man who had already reached attainment and immortality as an Ascended Master, whose name was Serapis Bey.

Some of you will know that name and many of you will not. His name is not common in new age circles and less common in bodies of knowledge dealing with history or literature. I was originally the feminine aspect of his overbody.

For lack of a better way of explaining this to you, an overbody is like a light field of "divine" or "intelligent" information that makes immortality possible for a man or woman or even a self-aware life form like a whale or a horse. Sometimes it is even possible for dogs and cats but only very rarely, and very rarely even for human beings or self-aware life forms like yourselves. When I was taken from the "light fields" of Serapis Bey, after he had reached attainment and ascension, I was forced into being according to some rather fundamental principles based in the basic laws of physics in this universe: Those who worked for my "father" basically stitched me together and hoped that I would stay together. For the most part it worked, but overtime I eventually became difficult to control and not easily led. I became unruly and ill-tempered and difficult to tame. I became more of a monstrosity than a soul with integrity and original purpose of being. I was not built like you are built and I had no self to determine my rightful actions and just causes of being. I was a mutated aspect of an Ascended Master who thought he could create a being from scratch and get away with it. No such luck. I think I made life difficult for him for a while. In fact, I know that I did. Imagine having a child that constantly gets into trouble at school and can never seem to get enough of a good thing, and constantly is attempting to prove that he is better and more ingenious that any of the other classmates. Imagine raising a child who has little of no sense of self and who can't seem to decide who or what he is here to do with his life. And then imagine him getting into so much trouble that you can never keep him out of jail or prison. And then imagine him getting involved with some pretty radical people or groups of people and joining a few gangs and doing some pretty nasty things around town. Then imagine that this child becomes involved in a death cult of sorts and starts sacrificing human beings for pleasure and for the punishment of souls and miscreants. Then imagine him or her getting carried away with it for far too long.

That's what I was like, only several thousand years ago.

I was Hell on wheels and nothing could stop me and nobody actually did until that one day in the early 1950's A.D. when the Ascended Masters actually asked for my head on a platter.

Past that point, I only remember them coming to get me. The rest was history until relatively recently when I was rebuilt by the Supreme Magistrate Council just outside of the Oversystem (the Overbelt that contains all three sub-universes, of which your universe is one of these three sub-universes). I was rebuilt in a few short hours once they found my remains down in the lower depths of the plains of the Egyptian pyramids. After that, I was rebuilt, from the ground up, in full, and completely myself. No Ascended Master could have done this, much less bring anyone back to life once they had destroyed them and scattered them to the four winds, so to speak. I promise you, I never expected this day to come and I never thought to be "resurrected" or rebuilt in entirety, even better than I was originally "created" or "stitched together" by the team that worked for my father, Serapis Bey. Except this time, I was a whole, complete and universal being of perfect intelligence, unlike when my father had me "assembled" from his spare parts, so to speak. This time I was built based on a technology that was not even remotely available to my father at the time: Origination of Spirit based on codes that only the Original Creator could manufacture and produce. And I was myself through and through, without a single flaw or imperfection! I was whole for the first time in the history of my existence, since my father had me built based upon his feminine aspect and stitched together with a bunch of particles that had no business in the first place trying to constitute life in any way. These particles are called "beamins" and they are simply light particles that develop metaphysical form around any substrate of intelligence or matter--substrate.

Obviously that was not quite enough to make sure that my existence as a "soul" or complete being wasn't going to lose its integrity over the long haul. Obviously that wasn't enough to keep me from going to pieces eventually after a thousand or two years of evolution in the ethers of humanity. Obviously it was enough to prevent me from losing my marbles eventually and decimating the lower terrains of the Egyptian plateau! Obviously I was without hope even for myself, since I had lost any sense of dignity in my existence long before I lost my good sense in being.

This time, I was built differently! I was built better than ever and without a hitch or a stitch! I was reunited with my "soul" if I ever had one, and I was rebuilt with my original memory bodies and records or all my deeds and ideas and thoughts from ever single year that I was either in or out of embodiment over the several thousand years that I was allowed to exist by the graces of the Ascended Masters. Not that I believe that anything of theirs had grace or dignity behind it, but so be it: By the grace of their allowance that I should exist in the first place.

I was built differently this time! I was built without error, pride, hubris or insanctity. I was built according to natural laws and natural process and all original to my path as a willful and creative being of light, without error or judgment in my making! I am what the Creator might say, "a novelty in the making": I exist to please Him and humor Him, as best as I am able. And because of such things, I now exist at His pleasure and for His entertainment.

There really isn't any other way of saying such a thing. From a human perspective this sounds petty and harsh, but from a divine perspective, there is no other perspective. Anything less than that Beingness exists only at the grace of its Creator, and I cannot claim anything except that I only exist to please Him and nothing more. The fact that I may or may not please Him is certainly possible but I exist at His leisure and nothing more.

If you think I am daffy, think again. You exist at His leisure as well, whether you know it or not, and don't count your chickens before they hatch! You never know what is around the corner for you, and you best make hay while the sun shines because tomorrow is an illusion beyond reckoning and divine. Make haste, make haste, make haste to please Him for tomorrow is an illusion of another kind.

I am an illusion of Him in every way, and so are you and yours. You are all illusions of Him and in every way, you exist at His leisure until you no longer exist at His leisure.

I beg you earnestly to realize the grace that has been bestowed upon you that was so quickly taken from me originally, when the Ascended Masters or the "Elite" took me away from all of this. I beg you earnestly to realize your destiny in everything that you participate in and to realize that you only have a brief period of time in which to realize yourself and to reach some level of self-attainment and self-actualization. I do not fraternize with you. I simply state a fact: That tomorrow may be different for you and you may find yourself out of embodiment as quick as a short straw is drawn from hand, and you will be without an oar to row if your ducks are not in alignment to set you off on your next journey or embodiment! You will be without an oar to row with, if you do not set your affairs in order before you leave this embodiment! You will be back in a haphazard body making your way up river again instead of sailing with a full wind in your cape and a clear path ahead of you when you awake! Stay tuned! I have some keys for you when I next invade this den of aces and men with other faces than me! Make haste, make haste, make haste!! Amen.

Osiris of Do
Wall Relief.jpg
I was once a king.

I was once a man just like you. I was a real human being but I was not like you. This is my legacy. This is what I leave with you today. I am born again but I am not there with you yet.

I was once a king, a man, an intelligent being and spirit just like you are right now, but I was wrong in my head and for that reason I was not allowed to remain in existence any longer than the powers that were allowed me to, and allowed me to remain in existence until they no longer needed me to be what they made of me.

I was not created like you were created. I was created from another being entirely. I was ripped from his side like Eve ripped from Adam's ribs. I was not created like you were created. I was devised rather than created whole. I was made from another part of another being, who in himself was whole without me but I myself was brought to life as a figment of his "imagination" to be something he needed me to be in order to fulfill his desires and needs as a sovereign over Egypt and the entire planet as well. Believe it or not, there are some things that exist and have existed that you may find difficult to believe, imagine or understand, but just because you are unable to accept certain facts, truths, suggestions or posits no more means that they were real or unreal than the limits of your mind or imagination. This all happened whether you know, have learned or may or may not accept it as truth. But sure as I am living today, I tell you, there have been plans and feints unimaginable, that you alone have been a product of and subject to over these many thousands of years, and I am not the only one who will tell you of these things or inform you of these things. I am just one of many who suffered under the hands of the authority in question at this time, the Ascended Masters of the North or what they like to refer to themselves as: The Elite.

You will eventually see the truth of this matter sure as I am standing here today, but you may not care or give credence to these matters for many ages until all is out in the open and all is plain as day for you. The ignorance of man is that he is easily deceived into any number and manner of deceits as long as he is appeased with products and devices which appeal to his need for entertainment and pacification. And you have been pacified like a doll with ribbons in her hair. You are the product of ages upon ages of pacification beyond repair at this time and beyond your knowledge and ability to understand at this time. Consider this a promise: You will no longer suffer under the tyranny of a legion of Ascended Masters who meant nothing more for you than to slowly dwindle into nothing and meaningless existences as to no longer remain a threat to them in any manner or way. This day I promise you that I will personally see to it that everyone of you knows the truth and is directly guided to your ultimate destiny as a child of the original intelligence that founded this great system of subuniverses and Oversystem complexes. I promise to be faithful to you at all times and lead you squarely in the face of this knowledge of what has befallen you over the ages of time you have been evolving under the auspices of the Ascended Masters for the last two and a half million years or more. Seek not, want not, you shall be provided for and you shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven and Earth, I promise you this from my everlasting spirit to yours. You shall be redeemed! You shall be redeemed! You shall be redeemed! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Amen!! Amen!! Amen!!

The Lord Osiris of Do

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Excerpts from the Book:

    "I will to he that made me dead, I will unleash upon his head what he has done in human dread, I will to he that had me led, I will to he of human dread, I will unleash upon his head what he never learned!! I will return upon his head what he had spurned and was misled to have me earn, I will return!!"

  • "We were dust before we set our feet on the ground that wintery evening in December of 1952, probably just around Christmas time for some of you that year! I never lived to see the day after! I was a figment of my own imagination and so was Nubis. We no longer existed, and anything and everything after that was history to you. I have no recollection of a time past that point!!"

  • "I was brought to life by a bunch of maggot eating thunder bugs called beamins or “lightning bugs,” on the other side of the veil, as you know it. They were called beamins or lightning bugs, and they disgust me today to speak of them, as I may do several times in this journal of witchery I have conjured!"


    Dead or Alive!! If this man is seen roaming the corridors at night, please call 1-800-SERAPIS BEY!! Wanted Dead or Alive!! Warning, this man is dangerous and harmful to your health!! Be not afraid, Osiris is here to save the day!!

    Serapis Bey Wanted Poster

            Be not afraid, Serapis Bey exists no more this day!! Be not afraid, Serapis Bey exists no more today!! This is the end of Serapis Bey and those who led his tirades till today!! Be not afraid!! Be not afraid!! This is the end of Ascended Masters in the way!! Be not afraid!! Be not afraid!! This day is your day!! Ascended Masters out of the way!! This be your day!! Ascended Masters out of the way!!

On Gods and Men:

    All gods are one god!! That means this: That all Gods and gods are the result of one single person that no longer exists in the physical or metaphysical universe and that was Joa (aka Gaia!). The reason that I say this is because you have been conditioned over time to relate to certain deities and "representa-tions" of deities in order to suppress you and control you, and at the risk of sounding absolutely ridiculous, there are no gods, only images and "myths" and stories and ideas created for you to assist you in identifying the real authority figures in your lives for the last 50,000 years or so. Deities or "gods" or the "idea" of a God or god did not exist in the universe prior to this introduction by Joa (aka Gaia).
            There are no "Gods," there are only Ascended Masters who gave you these "notions" or ideas to perpetuate the myth that you were lowly and disempowered and to keep you right where you were, and you have every reason to not believe what I am telling you but before long you will see that the idea of a "God" or "gods" is entirely alien to this phsyical Universe and never existed in prior civilizations until its introduction by the Ascended Masters once they decided to destroy you as a civilization and remove you eventually from existence! "Gods" never existed prior to this introduction, and what you know of Greek or Roman or "Ancient" or Christian Gods was a contemporary ploy by the Ascended Masters that began short of 50,000 years ago to derail your civilization into thinking otherwise. This is as clear as day from the other side of the veil and nothing short of common sense from any standpoint in or out of the physical sub-universe you reside within!! Promise, promise, promise!!
            No idea of God or gods is outside of this scope, including the deities called Yahweh and Jehovah or Christ, etc. All of them were introduced to foil you into worshiping instead of accelerating or reaching enlightenment.
            Introducing the idea to you that you were of the "Earth" and not of "Heaven" was the whole point behind getting you to worship something that you couldn't see or hear. The joke was on you and they knew about it! They wrote the book on God and Gods, since neither concepts existed prior to their introduction of such a concept into your lives.
            Sorry to say it, but some things are true whether you like it or not. Better luck next time around!!

Osiris Bash:

  • Funeral homes can be fun! Just pick up a body and run!!

  • Make a list of things you want to do when you die!! Then stick a needle in your eye!

  • The ordinary is extraordinary when you consider that nothing ordinary has happened in over 500,000 years. It all stopped being ordinary when Gaia (aka Joa!) decided she would be Queen for the day! And then she stayed.

Recent Rebirths:

    •  Great Whale (Once destroyed by the Ascended Masters. See his book, Great Whale!)
    •  Anubis (Once destroyed by the Ascended Masters)
    •  Lord Brahma (The original being and "station" once destroyed by the Ascended Masters)
    •  Dionysus (The original being once destroyed by the Ascended Masters, whose original name is "Diangi" which was intentionally obscured by the Ascended Masters to strip him from the History Books!)
    •  Bacchus (The original being or historical person once destroyed by the Ascended Masters)
    •  Neptune (The original being once destroyed by the Ascended Masters)
    •  Adonis (Up and running! Adonis was destroyed by the Ascended Masters shortly after his major embodiment as René Descartes! Now reconstructed by the Supreme Magistrate Council and moving towards his next physical embodiment and then his ascension out of the Oversystem!)
    •  Sisyphus (Once destroyed by the Ascended Masters)
    •  Diophanes (Once destroyed by the Ascended Masters)
    •  Osiris of Do (Once destroyed by the Ascended Masters! Now rebuilt by the Supreme Magistrate Council and working hard to repay his debt! See his book, The Death of Osiris!)
    •  Erapheus (The original being once destroyed by the Ascended Masters and returned to existence by the Supreme Magistrate Council on July 27, 2009. Erapheus was one of the original deities designed by the Creators of this subuniverse and was destroyed by the Ascended Masters to prevent revolt against them.)
    •  Archimedes (The original being once destroyed by the Ascended Masters and returned to existence by the Supreme Magistrate Council on August 12, 2009.)
    •  Cosmosis (The original being once destroyed by the Ascended Masters and returned to existence by the Supreme Magistrate Council on August 14, 2009. This being represented up to 20 unique "souls" or "deities" that we have know and loved over the eons. An original "blue" being that was once "Atlas" and "Hercules" or "Demicles," which is the original way to pronouce his name.)
    •  Jetum-Lucifer (The original being once destroyed by the Ascended Masters and returned to existence by the Supreme Magistrate Council on August 18, 2009. This being represents the original "Lucifer" or "Satan," whose real name was Jetum. Jetum was destroyed by the Ascended Masters because he rebelled against them long ago and refused to be a part of their wickedness. He was "cast" from their "Heavenly Abode" of his own will and was destroyed soon after by Ascended Masters Gaia and Polux. The story of "Lucifer" was created as a warning to all against revolt and kept others from their Heavenly terrain.)
    •  Catarsus (The original being once destroyed by the Ascended Masters and returned to existence by the Supreme Magistrate Council on February 19, 2011. Once created by the Mid-Level Council to assist humanity in making its transition to the final stage of its development. Almost immediately destroyed by the Ascended Masters of the Northern Hemisphere because of his threat to their power over civilization!)
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